Chronologie des visites de 1991 à 1998
Composition du Gouvernement | Hong Kong
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Livres blancs de la Chine
Rapports analytiques

Livres blancs de la Chine
National Minorities Policy in China
China's National Defense
The Development of China's Marine Programs
Criminal Reform in China
The Taiwan Question and Reunification of China
China: Arms Control and Disarmament
New Progress in Human Rights in the Tibet
Human Rights in China
Tibet--Its Ownership And Human Rights Situation
The Situation of Chinese Women
Intellectual Property Protection in China
Family Planning in China
The Progress of Human Rights in China
The Situation of Children in China
Environmental Protection in China
The Grain Issue in China
On Sino-US Trade Balance
Progress in China's Human Rights Cause in 1996
Freedom of Religious Belief in China

Articles et rapports
Chine : de lidéologie au pragmatisme (Thierry de Montbrial, Le Figaro, 7 octobre 1999)
Protection de l'environnement et la régulation de la pollution en Chine(Banque Mondiale)
Chine 2020 (Banque mondiale-9/97)
Tensions en Mer de Chine Méridionale (E. Hirsch, 1/98)
Les relations maritimes directes entre Taiwan et la Chine et la rétrocession de Hong Kong (S. Corcuff-9/97)
Architecture et Couleur à Hong Kong(Atelier Cler-98)
Taiwan, notes pour le voyageur (M. Deverge-97)
Hong Kong at the threshold of history (Yash Ghai is the Sir YK Pao Professor of Public Law at the University of Hong Kong. He has recently published Hong Kong's New Constitutional Order: The Resumption of Chinese History and the Basic Law, 6/97)